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Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapeutic modality that engages our subconscious mind towards resolving emotional blocks rooted in past negative experiences where while in fight or flight our mind developed coping mechanisms to support us should such events arise in the future.  These subconscious coping mechanisms can be detrimental to our wellbeing impeding our growth and a harmonious life progression, sending us on an unwanted emotional path of feeling unbalanced, conflicted, fearful, sad, unworthy, angry or resentful.

These are what I would call emotional toxins which must be released by facilitating inner healing on a regular basis to maintain a healthy life. Our mind deserves the same level of consideration and care as our physical body that we often look after in a variety of ways such as providing it with nutrients, physical activity and medical care when required. 

Hypnotherapy can complement existing treatment provided by a medical doctor or psychotherapist to enhance the chances of a successful outcome and/or to fast track a treatment that otherwise may require more time.

Hypnotherapy has a wide range of applications providing support with:

  • anxiety & stress relief

  • recovery from unresolved grief

  • stress relief during the fertility journey

  • enhancing performance and confidence (i.e. public speaking, sports, career, school)

  • releasing phobias

  • changing unhealthy habits (food & alcohol cravings, smoking, etc.)

  • weight management

  • better sleep

  • pain management


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