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Marianne - Canada

"I had 5 sessions with Nicole to help me with emotional eating and weight management that have been affecting me every day for the past 7 years and I could not solve no matter what I tried. At first I was nervous since I have never had a hypnotherapy treatment before. But Nicole made me feel at ease, with her words / the method she used, her voice, the pace at which she spoke and her patience, letting me think when I had to answer a question. It is very difficult for me to speak about personal issues, but I felt safe and could open up. I felt she is knowledgeable and perfectly in control of the process, so I had confidence that she will help me overcome the issue. The results were much more than I imagined. I felt confident that my struggle will end and I can overcome this problem, and I see improvements in my everyday life. I am much, much better than I ever was in these past 7 years and I can say I am very close to full recovery, to full healing. She also helped me close an issue from the past, pain that someone caused me and I carried for years. The method she used helped me tremendously and since that day, I put this issue behind and that pain is gone, the weight has lifted."

Clare - USA

"I just had the most profound healing experience during hypnosis. We uncovered the buried subconscious memory that started all my issues with my body image and I had the weight of at least 20 years of guilt and shame lifted.. I feel so much lighter right now. Nicole is an exceptionally talented hypnotist. Thanks to her soft and caring nature, I was able to easily feel comfortable enough to slip into the most profound and healing trance states I have ever experienced. Not only is she great at creating incredibly deep and wonderful trance states, she also has many intuitive talents and seemed to just know exactly what to say to help my unconscious mind create the positive results I was looking for. I am incredibly grateful for our time together as she helped me learn the power of forgiveness of other and myself and so much more. I highly recommend allowing Nicole to take you on the journey of a lifetime to heal your wounds".

Crystal - Australia

“Thanks a lot Nicole for helping me fix my coughing issues in just one session. Before this session, I had coughing problems even after a few months recovering from suspected covid (my test was negative) even drinking cold water or eating salad would make me cough. During one session of hypnosis, I realised this coughing is also related to some of my childhood experience, Nicole helped me revisit that childhood experience and released stuck energies in my body. In one week, 80% of my coughing was gone; 2 weeks after our session, It was completely gone. Nicole is a very competent hypnotist with extraordinary understanding and great techniques to guide you through a deep hypnotic state, and she knows exactly when to make an intervention with great compassion, I am feeling very safe under her guidance and presence in the hypnosis state. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone seeking therapeutic hypnotic experience.”

Rissa - Canada

“I had a couple of sessions with Nicole prior to my exams to become an RMT. I was feeling some anxiety over the exams and wanted to feel more confident and relaxed. Nicole guided me through imagery to create a circle where I can step into to calm and help me harness the knowledge and skills that I already have within me. Right before the exams I took a deep breath and imagined myself step into this circle and it tremendously helped me calm my nerves. I passed all of my exams and I now have a successful practice as an RMT. Thanks Nicole!""

Deb - USA

"My sessions with Nicole were very effective, I was able to go quickly into a deep relaxed state each session. My outcome was help to focus on managing a feeling of overwhelm and accomplishing several projects I was working on. Since these sessions I feel I have been more productive and focused and even began additional projects”.

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Alexa Young, CA

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