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Miňo Grief Recovery For Pet Loss

4 - Week Group Program:


This Grief Recovery program is dedicated to our beloved fur baby Miňo who we lost at a very young age due to a severe congenital defect. He was more than anyone could ask for in a companion - loving, sweet, playful, joyful, intelligent, and spunky. Our love for Miňo has no boundaries and Miňo lives in our hearts forever.


The relationship we have with our fur babies is very special and unique for each one of us and as a result we all deal with grief differently after their passing. If you are still in grief after some time from your fur baby’s passing, let us support you through this. We can help by making the emotional pain subside, leaving space for inner peace while preserving the love and beautiful memories you have of your fur baby.

What to expect:

  • Understanding grief: an overview

  • Gentle body movement to facilitate grounding and emotional healing

  • Release guilt and emotional pain associated with grief

  • Access & anchor positive resourceful states

  • Self-hypnosis tools for emotional balance

  • An essential oil blend for alleviating grief

  • Refreshments

This is a 4-week group hypnotherapy program, meeting in person

once a week every Tuesday 7pm – 8.30 pm. We provide a safe space for

healing, where we can share our love for our fur babies in an intimate, small

group setting of up to 4 people per program.


  • Feeling lighter, calmer, ready to embrace the beautiful memories of your pet from a steady place of inner strength

  • Regaining a sense of wellbeing, emotional balance and control

  • Feeling free of self - blame and guilt


If you are ready, join us for a transformational experience and let us support you in your healing.

Coming in August 2023 (date – TBD)

Payments and Cancellation Policy:

Payment is required in order to register for the class. Refunds are not available. If you are unable to attend, you can use the credit towards a new program or one on one therapy sessions.

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