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Empower Your Mind, Elevate Your Life

Are you ready to prioritize your mental well-being and experience a profound transformation?


Wellness encompasses more than nutritious foods and physical activity. Your mind needs to be nurtured and cared for regularly. Unfortunately, we do not give our mind the attention it deserves, constantly demanding that it does its job without sufficient care. We begin to pay attention when we find ourselves stuck in a state of continuous stress. Unresolved emotions can perpetuate this state resulting in chronic stress and anxiety.​


Our mental fitness classes combine clinical hypnosis and gentle body movement leading to a profound state of relaxation. They are designed to support you on your unique journey to reaching balance and better health.


Join us and forge deep, meaningful connections with like-minded people by becoming a member of a supportive community where you can share, learn, and grow

These classes are limited to maximum of 5 participants to allow for a personal experience in a supporive and friendly environment.

What should I bring?

  • comfortable yoga clothes

  • yoga mat

  • water bottle



Innercare Canada (2nd floor, above the Oakville Naturopathic Clinic)

127A Trafalgar Road

Oakville, ON, L6J 3G4



Underground parking is available next door to the clinic or at the Oakville Municipal Parking Garage (300 Church St)


Class Schedule

Every Tuesday at 7:00pm

Third Sunday of the month at 11:00am


How do I Register?

Purchase Mental Fitness for Women from our online store.

The classes are available as a 5-class package.


Who should attend?

These classes are great for anyone looking to heal, recharge or simply disconnect from the demands of daily life.

Mental Fitness for Women

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